Friday, January 2, 2009

Black bodice

Project: Fitted bodice
Pattern: Kwik Sew 3060, view A
Fabrics: Black satin brocade with red flower embroidery

Last year, I was having trouble finding a dress for Riley's school's auction, so I picked up a pattern for bodice and skirt. I loved the black and red Asian-themed brocade fabric. But, I began making it only a week before the event, so was no where near ready to be finished. However, I did find a fabulous dress after all. Still, after almost another year, I decided to give it another try.

The good: To be entirely honest, I've actually made the thing twice now. The first attempt was...not good...but this second attempt came out quite well. It looks really good and is well constructed. I added about 4 inches to the bottom beyond the original pattern, and I'm surprised at how well that turned out and think it would have been really too short as originally patterned.

The bad: It is extremely fitted, to the point where I may not be able to sit in in comfortably. But, I'm optimistic :-).

The ugly: While this one turned out fine, the first one was pretty frustrating. By the time I had got done adding the lining, trimming seams, and turning the shoulder straps, the straps came out mis-shapen and unequal. I did the seaming much more slowly this time and this attempt came out much better.

Wearability: Give or take (mostly take) a few pounds and the right occasion, not bad.

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